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MoonPad is a decentralized presale and IDO platform based on the Binance Smart Chain and also going to be launched on the PulseChain. The project aims to address the current problems plaguing DeFi - making it a safer endeavor for everyone to engage in. The platform is built to make it easy for promising projects to launch on the Binance Smart Chain [BSC] and the PulseChain [PLS], to engage in trustless token sales and to efficiently lock liquidity.

How It Works

To eliminate the unsustainable fees on Ethereum's ecosystem, all sales on MoonPad are done through the Binance Smart Chain [BSC], and use its native token, BNB, to secure sales. The advantage of using BSC instead of Ethereum becomes apparent in its greater speed, reliability, and cheaper fees, perfectly suited to the casual crypto user.

To make IDO rounds as fair as possible, MoonPad offers a private and public round through their IDO platform. A genuine problem with how presales work in crypto right now is that influencers, venture capitalists, and well-connected people receive allocations for private/presales. This often makes normal users miss out on early investments. MoonPad aims to be the equalizer, bringing presale opportunities to the average crypto user. This is done in two rounds: Private and public. Private rounds: The private rounds will contain 70% of the tokens sold. To make it as fair as possible for holders, they will integrate “pool weight score,” which determines how much allocation you receive. Pool weight score depends on how many MoonPad tokens you stake. Essentially, this gives every community member a possibility to join presales that are generally unavailable to them. Public rounds: It is made for the casual user. No need to stake, only hold. The same principle of “pool weight score” applies, but it depends on how many tokens the user owns.







IDO Announcement



Safe banking for the cannabis industry is going to move forward whether cryptocurrency is involved or not. Crypto isn't a replacement to safe banking; rather, it should be considered a tool to open financial possibilities for cannabis producers and retailers.

For cannabis businesses, crypto provides the opportunity to lock in access to capital - something hard to come by through traditional financial institutions. Moreover, as consumer behavior changes, many want the ability to use their crypto assets for tangible purchases. Having the ability to accept cryptocurrency unlocks new customer channels and considerable sales potential.

For crypto, partnering with the cannabis industry also offers the ability to satisfy the requirements of the IRS through global reporting. By using blockchain or an immutable ledger, all transaction data and activity that happens at a business is locked into place, so what has been done in the past can't be undone, and all activity can be easily audited.


No one likes over-regulation, but without the right rules and oversight, no one is protected. At the end of the day, building a business is about reputation and mitigating reputational risk, and that starts with compliance and transparency.

Managing risk and avoiding reputational blunders is critical for a business's long-term success. Certainly, any business can produce a great product, but rarely do people want to do business with a company that carries a poor reputation for sketchy or nefarious business practices.

Dropping crypto into the highly regulated environment of cannabis isn't just a best-case scenario to launch crypto into the mainstream; the move would also ensure crypto assets are being used in a legitimate and controlled regime, avoiding illegal activity.


Q1 2022

Development Phase

  • Website Creation
  • Social Media Presence
  • Token Creation
  • Staking Development
  • 1.000 Telegram Members
  • Private Swap for PulseMoon Holders

Q2 2022

Marketing Phase

  • Pre Sale
  • Social Media Boosting
  • Celebrities Promotions
  • Contract Audit
  • KYC
  • Integration of ChainLink's VRF
  • Launch
  • CG and CMC Listing
  • 5.000 Holders

Q3 2022

Utility Phase

  • 10.000+ Holders
  • Launch Of In House Projects
  • Launch Of External Projects
  • Logo on Trustwallet
  • Ads on all Crypto Websites
  • Application for Top 5 Exchanges

Q4 2022

  • 100.000+ Holders
  • Play-2-Earn Game Development
  • Launch on PulseChain


Scores of new tokens are launched every day. Many of these are based on hype or a particular meme. Often these coins fall victim to the 'pump & dump' culture that continues to plague decentralized finance. However, there's a bountiful share of tokens that are doing well and steadily expanding their market position. A doxxed team plays an important role in the success or failure of any token. With a core team that is fully exposed, trust is gained by the community. Due to this trust, the token grows organically and healthily towards a successful market position.

Within the PulseMoon eco-system, there are dozens of R&D, programmers, marketeers spread across the globe, but the core group of individuals for Project MoonPad are detailed below, including pioneers of the eco-system Lloyd & Kenza, both EU based.





Social Manager


Marketing Manager






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